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fox at night, originally uploaded by martin.gallagher24.

I see you Fox, you try and hide, when I come running

I see you Fox, scurry into the darkness when I come gunning

or driving, my point home.

However, when my values are shifted into neutral, and my hand break is on,

you rear your head and come crawling back with a menacing grin.

Because feeling satisfaction is being lulled into a false sense of security.

I lock the door, unwittingly leaving my valuables on display.

You, Fox, yes you. Know how to pick every lock I use

you, Fox, yes you, are waiting till my defences are down, till I am fast asleep

before you pounce.

However Fox, I outwitted you.

My flood lights illuminate the scene when you come in my path.

The alarm bells are regularly checked and put me in a constant state of vigilance

I feel safe

or not.

A deterrent such as this is of little use.

Prevention is better than cure.

I remove my valuables and buy a rottweiler

Fox doesn’t come around these parts any more.

However, he will be back, in some other form.

-a poem about the human ego


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